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The 5 Most Phenomenal Labrador Breeders California Has In Store for You

The 5 Most Phenomenal Labrador Breeders California Has In Store for You

I found the absolute creme de la creme of Labrador breeders California has to offer. The California coast is vast, and the choice might be difficult but do not worry; I’m here to help. 

I will be your best friend and first stop in the search for ethical and responsible breeding programs that produce dogs with superb looks.

Labradors are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States and the world (some even say they are in too much demand). These fantastic, amazing dogs are amiable, intelligent, obedient, and family-friendly. 

They will adapt seamlessly to the home environment and new owner. Historically, Labradors were used as companion dogs for outdoor tasks. Even today, they are used as hunting companions and can go through gun dog training quickly.

Traditional Labradors were first imported from the Newfoundland Province by a couple of English fishermen in the 1800s for the dog’s outstanding performance in field trials and their reliable temperament.

Now let’s talk more about the sale of litters with ideal disposition, which is the best start for first contact with the Labrador breed. 

Labrador Puppies For Sale In California

When buying a new Lab puppy from Lab breeders in Cali, or a puppy of any dog breed, anywhere – there are a few things that you might consider when picking out the perfect pup for you from a litter.

Think about what you, as the dog owner, want from your dog. Do you need a guide dog? Then look for a patient dog; if you want a working companion, look for good bone structure. 

People frequently notice puppies that appear reluctant or cautious. This can suggest that the puppy would find it more challenging to socialize.

Instead, you can watch which puppies come up to you. A puppy is more likely to thrive in your home if relaxed and at ease with you from the start.

It should take a little work to attract a puppy to approach you. Find a puppy that desires to be close to you, and watch which pups come to you as you casually sit near them.

1. The Summerland Labradors Kennel

The labrador retriever

They are dedicated to breeding quality English Labrador Retrievers dogs in yellow, black, and occasionally chocolate color. They breed Labs for the love of the breed itself and the desire to produce dogs that will bring as much joy to you as their dogs have given to them.

They adopted their first Labrador Retriever in 2006. Her name is Belle, and she is still with them, although she has retired from breeding. This fantastic, friendly dog easily won their hearts and changed their lives forever.

They discovered the wonders of the Labrador breed through Belle’s daily show of brilliance and spirit; she loves people and is fantastic with their kids. 

Summerland Labradors’ training and breeding philosophy has changed throughout time. They realized early on that specific objectives were needed to develop the ideal in the Labrador Retriever world.

This kennel aims to breed an all-around Labrador. For them, that means a Lab that can work in the field, look gorgeous in the conformation ring and be that excellent companion that warms your feet at night.

All the puppies from this kennel come home with their A.K.C. registration papers, as well as up-to-date vaccinations, and a microchip. 

As a throw-in, the kennel also includes a soft blanket with the litter’s scent still on it to help your dog transition into its new home faster and easier.


Website: The Summerland Labradors Kennel

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 7607929636

Social: Facebook 

Address: 3751-3899 Amador Road, Phelan, CA 92371, U.S.A.

2. The Sierra Valley Labs Kennel

This breeder is one of the best Labrador breeders in Northern California. They have been in the breeding business since 1993. The Sierra Vally Labs specializes in breeding top-quality AKC-registered chocolate, yellow, and black lab puppies.

They primarily hunt with their dogs in the Central Valley. They regularly hunt Mendota. They also travel throughout California to hunt. They hunt in Sacramento, Central Valley, and Northern California.

They have sold their lab puppies throughout northern California, including places like San Francisco, Burbank, Alturas, Sacramento, Fresno, and Santa Barbara.

The kennel is only a 2-hour drive from the Bay Area and a 4-hour one from Southern California.

They judge the needs and environment of the new dog owners and match them up with a Labrador puppy that will thrive in that environment.

Their labrador puppies are from excellent pedigrees with many generations of national champions. 

The Sierra Valley Labs kennel is also a part of the Central California Labrador Retriever Club and the Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club

Contact Sierra Valley Labs well in advance about possible future litters because their biggest downside is that their annual litters usually have a long waiting list.


Website: The Sierra Valley Labs Kennel

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 5593632100 

Social: Facebook 

Address: 30623 Avenue 20, Madera, CA 93638, United States

3. The Japatul Labradors Kennel

The labrador retriever yellow puppies

Japatul Labradors has operated since 1998. They are a small, licensed hobbyist kennel. They regularly participate in AKC-sanctioned events such as conformation, hunt trials, and obedience.  

This breeder is one of Northern California’s most reputed English Labrador breeders. They’re located about a two-hour drive from Sacramento. 

The Japatul Labradors Kennel is a member of the Do Good Breeding Club. This club sets the standards for health-testing practices for dogs. 

The Labradors from this kennel are English style with dual-purpose pedigrees. This kennel is dedicated to developing the “All Purpose” Labrador Retriever. 

All of their litters are carefully planned. They are bred for show, hunt/retrieve, and as family companions, concentrating on health, conformation, working ability, and temperament.

Dogs from this kennel make wonderful family pets, hunt/retrieve partners, and therapy/service dogs. 

All of the dogs are part of the family. They are highly well-socialized with people and other animals. Also, all of the dogs from this kennel are obedience-trained and worked with daily.   

All the puppies are sold on limited registration. This kennel wants their puppies to go to loving pet homes. No breeding rights are given with limited registration. 

They welcome visitors on an appointment basis only. Please visit their Visitation Rules before making an appointment. 

A puppy pre-purchase questionnaire must be filled out, an in-person or phone introduction will be given, and a $900 non-refundable deposit will be made before being placed on a waiting list for a litter. 

Deposits do go towards the total cost. The total cost of their puppies can be found on their  Pricing Page. ​​

All dogs are bred as per the A.K.C. H.E.A.R.T. program. This program measures how well dogs are raised across five parameters – Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition.

Japatul also offers a two-year health guarantee for hereditary defects.


Website: The Japatul Labradors Kennel

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 5305862290 

Social: Facebook 

Address: Corning, CA 96021, United States

4. The Kentfield Kennels

This kennel is an excellent quality, family-run Labrador Retriever breeder located in Sebastopol. 

They have decades of positive testimonials, reviews, and many satisfied customers to attest to the quality of service they provide.

Many dog training schools and Service Dog Organizations get their dogs from the Kentfield kennel.

Kentfield Kennels has earned the A.K.C. Breeder of Merit award. Their reputation for raising healthy and robust dogs got them the prestigious A.K.C. Breeder of Merit Award. This is only awarded to a very few and select breeders across the states.

They began breeding and training Labradors in 1984 by purchasing a lovely yellow male from the kennel of Don and Virginia Campbell of Campbellcroft Labradors. 

They fell in love with the dual-purpose Labrador with the authentic look and temperament of the English Labrador and the natural desire and drive to hunt.

Ted is the great-grandson of William Kent, who founded the town of Kentfield, California, in the late 1800’s. This name seemed the natural choice of a kennel name for them. 

Ted’s family are avid conservationists, philanthropists, and hunters. The Labrador has always been a solid part of the Kent family for generations, and they are a reliable preservation breeder.


Website: The Kentfield Kennels

Phone: 7077875227 

Social: Facebook 

Address: 1458 Cunningham Road, Sebastopol, California, 95472

5. The Kingdom Acres Labradors Kennel 


At the Kingdom Acres kennel, the dogs are indeed members of their family. They are never kept in outside cages and can sleep indoors at night and run outside during the day.

Your dog will be used to living like you do long before you come to pick them up and take them home. This should significantly reduce their adjustment time and make things easier for you.

The breeder has a large family with an abundance of kids, and they take great pride in their puppy’s ability to get along with children from the day they’re born.

Their pups are also fed high-quality food, and they start on a proper vitamin regimen as soon as they can handle it, giving you the most significant chance of getting a healthy, happy dog.

All pups from this kennel are vaccinated, as well as de-wormed, and microchipped as part of AKC rules.

This kennel provides its customers professional training and care advice long after the sale. This ensures that their dogs mature as they should. They also offer various training games and activities that help improve intelligence for dog sports, chores, or even hunting activities.


Website: The Kingdom Acres Labradors Kennel 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 7604888147 

How Much Should I Spend On A Lab Puppy

When discussing the price of a Lab puppy and puppy supplies, we must emphasize the difference between brilliant show Labs and intense working lines or field Labs. 

The cost of your puppy is affected by multiple factors, not just their purpose. Considering their lineage, puppies with champion bloodlines will be more expensive, as will coat color and age, to name a few.

In addition, if your puppy has already received training from the breeder, this will also increase the cost.

On average, a Labrador Retriever puppy will cost you between $1500 – $3500 when purchased from a reputable breeder. Show Labrador puppies range between $2000 – $3500. 

A field pup could cost less, at around $1500. Another note: a Chocolate Lab could come with a higher price tag because the coat color is comparably rarer than black or yellow. A baby black Lab could cost around $1500, and an adult will generally cost you less than a puppy.

Rescue shelters are a great option if you want to bring your new puppy home for a more affordable price and are searching for ‘chocolate lab puppies for under $500’. 

You could find a Lab to adopt at a shelter for around $100 to $300. This option is a cost-efficient way to get a Lab, and you can also feel so good about giving a dog in need a new home!

We wish you a happy life with your little furry best friend with a forever-wagging otter tail.