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Exploring The Top 3 American Bully Breeders in Ontario 

Exploring The Top 3 American Bully Breeders in Ontario 

You saw a gorgeous American Bully, and your mind keeps returning to the powerful appearance of the high-drive friendly giant? 

Well, that’s completely understandable because they sure are an OMG breed. 

I am here to aid you in your search for the best dog breeder with a list of the best American Bully breeders Ontario area has to offer!

Ontario has a quality community of American Bully breeders, each characterized by their commitment to producing friendly puppies who grow into exceptional dogs with excellent temperaments, health, and structure.

The mentioned breeding programs have perfect studs and high-quality select females, producing the ideal American bully! 

In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into some of the most reputable kennels in the province, providing prospective dog parents with all the essential information needed to make an informed decision about their newest addition.

American Bully Puppies For Sale In Ontario 

The American Bully is a distinct breed known for its muscular physique, blocky head, and gentle demeanor.

Despite their imposing appearance, these dogs are affectionate, friendly, and eager to please their families. 

They come in four sizes – Standard, Pocket, Classic, and XL – and boast a smooth, glossy coat that requires minimal grooming.

Despite being a relatively young breed, American Bullies have quickly gained popularity worldwide. 

Originating in the United States in the 1980s to 1990s, they were bred as family companions, combining traits from several bully breeds.

With proper care and attention, these loyal and intelligent dogs can live fulfilling lives of 8 to 13 years, bringing joy and companionship to their families.

1. The Dream Large Bully Camp Kennel

American bully breeders

The Dream Large Bully Camp kennel is a well-known dog breeder with kennels in multiple locations—the original one in Ottawa, Ontario, with a new facility in Red Deer, Alberta. 

The breeder, Charly Brown, has many years of experience, actively breeding healthy puppies since 2007 and providing new owners who have loving homes with the best animals on the market.

At Dream Large Bully Camp, something that started as a family passion, it became a successful breeding business. 

All their dogs have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets.

They pride themselves on their excellent foundation female, which made their start successful. Of course, this girl is no longer in the breeding program, but her daughters are.

All their puppies are raised in the breeder’s beautiful home and have a strong socialization foundation. 

They are also vaccinated and microchipped before they arrive to their new owners. 

Their stud, Tommy, just sired a new litter of XL bully pups, so if you are interested in this breeder and an amazing XL American bully puppy, you can contact them using the information below. 


Website: The Dream Large Bully Camp Kennel 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone number: 5872279947 

Social: Facebook, Instagram 

2. The Esteemed Bully Kennel

American bully adult

With a deep devotion to the breed, the Esteemed Bully Kennel focuses on improving the American Bully line, carefully selecting only the finest dogs for breeding.

Every mating is meticulously planned, with partners chosen from reputable bloodlines to ensure a diverse genetic pool.

All we can say about their male dog, Asylums Zeus, is super stud alert! 

This dog is ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) registered, and his bloodline can be traced to the Xstacks Castro & King Cobra breeding, known for producing dogs with great temperaments.

Operating as a family-run program in Ontario, Canada, Esteemed Bully Kennel emphasizes the integration of their dogs into family life, raising them alongside children, cats, and other dogs.

Their commitment to producing healthy and well-bred puppies is evident in their rigorous health screening processes, including Embark testing, with a goal to make dogs that excel in form and function.

Recognizing the importance of genetic diversity, they strive to maintain a strong and varied breeding program to promote the health and vitality of their puppies.

At their breeding facility, thorough care is taken to make a safe and sanitary environment for whelping and aftercare. 

The whelping room is carefully prepared weeks in advance, ensuring it is well-stocked and sanitized for the arrival of each litter. During this crucial time, visitors are restricted to minimize any risks to the dam and her puppies.

Throughout the first two weeks of life, each puppy receives regular monitoring and care, including frequent weighing and supplementary feeding if needed, to ensure optimal health and development.


Location 1: Hirontario and Queensway, Mississauga, Ontario

Location 2: Buckhorn, Ontario

Website: The Esteemed Bully Kennel 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone number: 14168012911 

Social: Facebook, Instagram 

3. The OMG Bullies Kennel

American bully puppy

At OMG Bullies, the mission is clear: to produce stable dogs with outstanding temperaments and personalities

This kennel is located in the city of Toronto and has over ten years of experience breeding bullies.

Unlike many breeders solely focusing on size and color, OMG Bullies kennel prioritizes temperament as a cornerstone of their breeding program.

Their dogs exhibit intelligence, trainability, and versatility, making them well-suited for various activities while remaining loyal and loving family members.

The OMG American bullies come to their new owners with crate training started while they were at the kennel. 

They also have their shots; they are dewormed, microchipped, and ABKC registered. 

OMG, bully puppies have proved to be excellent companion dogs in various pet homes.

This kennel also offers stud services, with their stud open for select females. They also provide a unique blue tri-merle open stud. 

You can take a look at one of their older breeding pairs and the beautiful puppies they produced here:


Website: The OMG Bullies Kennel

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 905-759-3526

Social: Instagram, Youtube

What Is The Usual Cost Of An American Bully Puppy

In Canada, the cost of an American Bully pup can vary depending on factors such as pedigree, bloodline, and breeder reputation.

Generally, reputable breeders prioritizing health, temperament, and genetic diversity charge higher prices for their puppies. 

The pups can range from 5 to 10 thousand Canadian dollars.

While the initial cost may seem steep, it reflects the investment made by the breeder in health testing, quality care, and proper socialization of the puppies.

Additionally, responsible breeders have various expenses, including veterinary care, genetic testing, food, and housing for the dogs, all of which contribute to the overall cost of the puppies.

By investing in a well-bred American Bully puppy from a reputable breeder, prospective owners can know they are getting a healthy, well-adjusted companion who is more likely to live a long and fulfilling life.

Can I Adopt A Bully Puppy

Yes, you can! Adopting an American Bully is a rewarding experience for the dog and the owner. 

While the cost of adoption may vary depending on the organization or rescue group, it is generally lower than purchasing a pup from a breeder.

When adopting a Bully from a shelter or rescue organization, you help provide a loving home to a dog in need and help lessen the problem of dog overpopulation in shelters.

Many American Bullies end up in shelters due to various reasons, including changes in family circumstances or owner surrender, and possible adopters frequently overlook them because of delusions about the breed.

However, American Bullies can make excellent companions for the right family, and by adopting, individuals can provide a second chance to a deserving dog.

Additionally, rescue organizations often provide practical services such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping, which are included in the adoption fee, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to add a Bully to their family.

Overall, adopting an American Bully is not only a more affordable option but also a compassionate option that can positively impact the life of a dog in need as well as your own.

To Sum It All Up

In conclusion, the quest for the ideal American Bully companion in Ontario is exciting and engaging, with a few reputable breeders dedicated to producing top-quality dogs.

Whether one seeks a beloved family pet or a potential working dog, the breeders outlined in this guide offer diverse options, each marked by a steadfast commitment to ethics, health, and temperament.

However, it’s important to remember that adoption from shelters and rescue organizations is also a viable and compassionate option.

By considering adoption, prospective owners provide a loving home to a dog in need and contribute to easing the problem of dog overpopulation in shelters.

However, as someone with a rescue dog and a well-bred purebred dog, I can see the benefits of both approaches. 

Whatever you decide, just remember that all options need careful research and consideration.

I am sure you are going to have a blast with your new furry friend either way!