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The 4 Best American Bully Breeders Australia Can Come Up With 

The 4 Best American Bully Breeders Australia Can Come Up With 

If you want a new American bully puppy to add to your household, I am here to help! 

We all know picking the right source for our new family member is crucial, especially when discussing a designer breed. 

I researched the best and most ethical American Bully breeders Australia offers. Then, for your convenience, I presented the information in an easy-to-read list containing data about the breeder, their pups, and ways to contact the kennel.

Dog breeding is no easy job; a breeder must check many boxes to be considered respected and responsible – from health testing to providing top-notch care to their pups throughout their life. 

But this article will help you pick the most trusted source for your new stunning keeper puppy! In the mentioned experienced and large kennels, you can find every type of bully you want.

From the extreme pocket-size bullies to the large-size bullies with wide chests that look majestic and incredibly strong, 

American Bully Puppies For Sale In Australia

American Bullies are seriously the best dogs ever! They’re like a big bundle of love and loyalty wrapped in a muscular, adorable package.

Let me tell you, I’m obsessed with them! From their big, blocky heads to their wagging tails, every little thing about them melts my heart.

First off, can we talk about their temperament? These pups are the epitome of affection. They’re so gentle and sweet that you can’t help but fall in love with them instantly. And they’re super loyal, too!

They’re like your shadow, always by your side, ready for cuddling and belly rubs.

But it’s not just their personalities that make them exceptional. Have you seen how stunning they are? Their muscular build and glossy coat just scream, “Wow!” And the best part? They come in various colors and patterns!

And let’s not forget about their intelligence! These dogs are intelligent cookies, I tell you. They’re always eager to please and super easy to train

They’re great with kids and other pets, making them the ultimate family companion.

1. The MVP Australia Kennel 

American bully adult

MVP is a family-owned Australian XL Bully breeder. The owner, Craig, is one of Australia’s favorite bully breeders and has exceptional bloodlines in his breeding program. 

The MVP Australia kennel has been operating since 2005 with one goal – producing dogs with excellent temperaments who will be fantastic family pets.

The dogs he’s breeding are big (XL with far larger-than-feature), beautiful, healthy, and athletic. 

Their temperament is loving, intelligent, and friendly so that they can be trusted and enjoyed in any family setting or social situation as a great companion. 

The MVP dogs live like royalty in Craig’s home environment. With large air-conditioned indoor areas and lush green outdoor areas, life is good at MVP Australia’s Kennels. 

All the dogs are family-raised and loved, and they’re exercised daily at the beach, so they get plenty of play, socialization, and rest time.

MVP Puppies

Craig from MVP plans the breeding schedule years in advance and constantly offers the absolute best because that’s the MVP Goal and Vision, and that’s what MVP customers deserve.

Even though the dogs from this kennel are of the highest quality, they try to make their bully puppies affordable. The MVP Bully puppies start at only 4000 Australian dollars.

Some puppies can be more expensive for various reasons. For example, depending on the breeding pair or if you want the 1st or 2nd pick

They also sell puppies with different contracts, for instance, to families that want a loving pet, and they charge more to breeders that want to improve their bloodlines.

Other factors that can influence prices include stud costs, potential artificial insemination, cesarean sections, and semen importation costs, as this kennel only uses the very best XL bullies (bloodlines) from around the world.

Deposits in this kennel are $1000 to reserve a puppy. The deposits are non-refundable; however, they are transferable to other litters. 

Your new pup will come home with his pedigree papers, health guarantee, puppy contract; vet shot records, and a lifetime of support from MVP Australia. 


Phone number: 0447211370

Email address: [email protected] 

Website: The MVP Australia Kennel 

2. The Bully Cartel Kennel

American bully on grass

This kennel produces puppies with amazing temperament and they do it with so much love and attention.

They are committed to producing the highest quality of health, structure, color, and temperament in this fantastic breed.

Their breeding females and studs have been health certified and DNA cleared to ensure the kennel has taken all necessary steps to produce beautiful, healthy litters! 

The breeder has a clear vision for all the bullies in this kennel, and each breeding has been carefully planned with a goal in mind. 

Sizes to expect in this kennel:

Female XL Bullies:84 to 111 pounds19 inch – 22 inch
Male XL Bullies:100 to 155 pounds20 inch – 23 inch 

Colors to expect in this kennel:

  • Lilac Tri/ Lilac Merle
  • Chocolate tri/ Chocolate Merle
  • Blue Tri/ Blue Merle
  • Black/ Black Tri
  • Champagne 

Bully Cartel Puppies

In this kennel, there is a pecking order when talking about available puppies and their new homes. 

Picks from one to three are reserved for breeders or people wanting to pay more for a higher pick with full breeding rights. 

Picks 4+ are reserved for pet home puppies; however, if breeding picks are not sold or the kennel has chosen to sell fewer breeding picks for a particular litter, pet home buyers will move up to the higher picks. 

Picking is not possible before the pups turn seven weeks old. 

Deposits are $1000 and are non-refundable. They are, however, transferable onto any future litter; for example, if your puppy/ sex is not born or if your desired color is not available, you can move your deposit onto the next litter of your choosing.

Pet home pups are priced from 5 to 6 thousand dollars, or 7 to 8 thousand for Merle coat dogs. However, the merle pups can not be bred and have a desex contract. 

Puppies with full breeding rights (picks 1-3) start at 10k and vary depending on the picking position, breeding pair, and coat color.

All puppies will be ABKC registered, health certified, microchipped, and dewormed, and they will have their first vaccination done. 

Your pup will also come home with a puppy care pack full of information about caring for and raising your new dog.

When your puppy comes home, they will already be used to sleeping in a crate as the kennel introduces an open crate at four weeks old (this is a lifesaver).

The kennel has also trained them to use grass toilet mats and go outside after meals to make the house training process much quicker for you!


Email address: [email protected]

Website: The Bully Cartel Kennel

Social: Facebook, Instagram           

3. The Australian Titans Kennel 

American bully male

This kennel was founded in 2017 when Josh and his wife decided it was time to follow their dreams. 

Before this name, they were known as the House of Australia. They carefully handpicked the bloodlines to produce a very sinister-looking bully with a heart of gold and a gentle soul. 

Every bully at the Australian Titans ranch is treated with love and respect, and they become a part of their family.

The breeders love their dogs profoundly, and they make sure all their needs are met. 

When you get an XL American Bully from Australian Titans, you get an excellent foundation for your program and one of the best companion dogs ever bred.

Australian Titans Puppies

If you want your new puppy from one of the latest litters produced by the Australian Titans kennel, you can expect to pay five to seven thousand for a pet-quality puppy. However, the picks of the litter are more expensive. 

All pups sold to pet homes need to be desexed by 18 months of age, but not before, to avoid health problems. 

The puppies go home with the first round of vaccinations done, and they are also microchipped and dewormed. 

This kennel also offers shipping services. For the United States and New Zealand, you need to inquire about the shipping costs; however, if you live in Australia, here are the fees:

  • Sydney to QLD (Brisbane or Gold Coast same day delivery) $300
  • Sydney to Adelaide $600-800
  • Sydney to Melbourne (Same day delivery) $300
  • Sydney to Perth $900-1000
  • Sydney to Canberra $300
  • Sydney to Hunter region/Central coast $200-300

Email address: [email protected] 

Website: The Australian Titans Kennel 

Social: Facebook 

4. The G-Netix Bullies Kennel

American bully puppy

Welcome to the G-netix Style American and Exotics Bullies Camp! 

The mission of this kennel is to produce the finest American Bullies and Micro Exotic Bullies by breeding the best dogs from top-quality bully bloodlines from around the world.

The excellent temperament of their American Bully dogs is the top priority in G-Netix Bullies kennel. They devote all their love to their dogs. 

The pups from this kennel can be high-quality show dogs, excellent family pets, or simply great companions. 

This kennel helped host and sponsor the first American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) show and continues to do so with the current ones in Australia.

G-Netix Puppies 

Whether you are looking for a male or female pup or even an older dog, this kennel has it all. 

No words can do their pups justice! They are strong, muscular, healthy, and sporting the perfect temperament. 

All their foundation dogs are from top import bloodlines from the United States, which means you can’t go wrong with choosing a puppy from this kennel.

Before purchasing your pup, you should know they have males and females available with ABKC registration already done! But you can also get a pet-quality pup on a limited register without breeding rights. 

The dogs go to their new home, already vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. 

They are making reservations about their Toro x Alta Galaxy (daughter of Mclovin) breeding. The deposit is 1000 dollars, and the final price depends on the puppy. 


Address: Unit 1/49 Blaxland Rd, Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia

Phone: 61422933938

Email address: [email protected]

Website: The G-Netix Bullies Kennel

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube 

To Sum It All Up

So, if you’re thinking about adding an American Bully to your family, you couldn’t be in better hands. 

These breeders are passionate about what they do, and it shows in every puppy they produce. 

Trust me, you won’t regret bringing one of these incredible dogs into your life. 

We also have you covered for the growth stages and even the feeding chart for this breed so that you know what you are getting yourself into!

Best of luck on your new pawesome adventures!