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15 Dogo Argentino Mixes That Are Incredible Family Guard Dogs 

15 Dogo Argentino Mixes That Are Incredible Family Guard Dogs 

A devoted family guardian with a working dog history – the Dogo Argentino can become enhanced in certain personality traits if mixed with other dog breeds. Therefore, Dogo Argentino mixes can definitely surprise you with their amazing traits.

Dogo Argentino is a muscular breed that is a good match for active families, making this mixed breed have the above-mentioned characteristics, too. 

Considering that the Dogo Argentino parent was bred to be a hunting breed that chased wild boars and pumas and helped with farm work (read: guarding and herding cattle), you can easily expect high energy levels with these beautiful mixes.

These pups will need loads of daily stimulation, both mental and physical. If you desire having a couch potato pooch, the dogs from this list won’t tick your box.

Aside from the strong need for physical activity, these dogs will need a firm hand in early puppyhood to be balanced animals as adults. That is a great responsibility because raising a dog is similar to raising a child – you must teach them about the “dos and don’ts” while young. 

Also, another thing to note – having in mind that the Dogo Argentino is a large dog, it is positive that most of these mixes will result in larger animals. Therefore, if you are searching for a small-sized dog, these pups won’t be the perfect match.

Now, let’s see a bit more about these Dogo Argentino mixes!

Let’s See These Amazing Dogo Argentino Mixes:

Female dogos or male dogos, these Dogo Argentino mixes will steal your heart. With their unmatched guar dog abilities and need to please their owners, these dogs can be a perfect match for an active family.

And yes, even if these dogs have unmatched guarding skills, they are equally gentle and kind around children and family members. That is the most important and the whole reason why I decided to write about these mixes – their amazing personality traits!

Courageous, high quality personality, active, and loyal to the core – these are one of the best dogs you can get for yourself and your family. Let’s see these hybrid puppies!

1. Cane Corso Dogo Argentino Mix 

Cane Corso Dogo Argentino

Loyal, dedicated, and always at peek performance – say hello to the Cane Corso Dogo Argentino Mix, or Cane Argentino.

These dogs can come in a few colors, including but not limited to white, gray, black, brindle, fawn – all depending on the Cane Corso parent’s color and his ancestry. Dogo Argentinos are mostly white, with occasional black spots on the head.

Since the Cane Corso heritage can have an impact on your pup’s stubbornness, it is really important to include plenty of training from an early age. It’s the first thing you’ll have to consider if you decide to have this hybrid puppy. 

This mix will have a natural tendency to protect you, your family and the property you live at. They are fast, strong, and muscular, which means they can easily detect a threat and scare it or alarm you.

Their puppies are everything but unpredictable puppies – their personality traits are easy to understand and regulate if you start with training early, as well as with socialization. 

2. Dogo Argentino Pitbull Terrier Mix 

Dogo Argentino Pitbull Terrier

These fun goofballs will make you smile on a daily basis.

Their fun and happy attitude, yet caring and protective towards their loved ones. These mixed dogs are lively and full of energy. They enjoy running, long walks, chasing, and generally playing with other dogs, big cats, kids, and anyone willing to play with them.

This is a good start to a great family dog. And let me add a bonus to this good start: these dogs do astonishingly well with children and even with really small kids.

This hybrid pup’s parent breeds are known as caring, gentle, and loving towards them so that you won’t have any problems with it. Aside from that – they won’t need any special socialization or training to be around small children – they are simply naturally inclined to be gentle around them. 

They can come in really different colors, as there are many Pitbull colors – from fawn, brindle, and solid colors all the way to two and tri-colors. 

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    They are one of my favorite Pitbull mixes because the dash of energetic and lively personality from the Dogo Argentino sparks up the more gentle and lovey-dovey Pitbull personality. 

    3. Great Dane Dogo Argentino Mix

    Great Dane Dogo Argentino

    With legs for days, the Great Argentino is the tallest mixed-breed dog on this list. However, don’t think that will stop them from considering themselves being lapdogs.

    This dog is a great choice for those who love large dogs that are cuddly and needy. They really enjoy your attention and cuddles. Don’t let their size deceive you!

    They get along well with families and other pets. Just be aware that, if for no other reason than the possibility that they might trip over them due to their size, they can pose a slight threat to smaller animals and small kids. 

    This can be easily managed by looking over their playtime.

    Even if cuddly, these dogs are no cowards. They will protect you with their lives if there is a situation where they would feel the need to do so. And let’s be clear: if anyone sees this large dog in your background, invading your property will be the last thing they think about.

    4. Bull Mastiff Dogo Argentino Mix

    dogo argentino bullmastiff
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    Brave, loyal, and attentive – this confident mix is the guard dog of your dreams. The Bull Mastiff parent was originally made from the Mastiff and the Bulldog. And many suppose that one of the parent breeds of Dogo Argentino was once the Mastiff, too. 

    Therefore, the standardized Mastiff traits would be something you can expect to show in this mix – bravery, intelligence, a pinch of laziness, and a lot of cool attitude.

    This dog might be a bit more wrinkly than the previous dogs on this list and have a head that is larger than the larger size – with a wide mouth and deep-set eyes.

    They can come in many colors, including fawn, brindle, red and white. 

    Their innate loyalty will make you their best friend, and that, together with you being their provider of nutritional requirements, will be a double trouble for anyone who tries to cross your path in any way that isn’t kind. 

    5. Doberman Dogo Argentino Mix

    Doberman Dogo Argentino

    A bit more elegant, slim, and snatched than the first four, this mix will grab your attention with its naturally inherited intelligence. 

    These dogs will learn everything you want to teach them in the blink of an eye, making your training sessions enjoyable rather than stressful. Doberman was bred to be a personal guard dog that is attentive to your reactions and emotions, making this mix a great option for you.

    They will be great alert and guard dogs. Because of the Doberman’s stamina and Dogo Argentino’s attitude, they won’t let any suspicious squirrel, cat, or, God forbid, something worse pass by. 

    6. Rotweiller Dogo Argentino Mix

    dogo argentino rottweiler
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    With a wider head than the Argentino and a bit more colorful coat – say hello to Rottie Argentino!

    Fun to be around and happy to be included in any kind of activity with its owner(s), this mix is a great addition to any type of family.

    Both parent breeds are known as devoted guarding dogs, making you feel safe and sound wherever you find yourself with this dog. They can naturally sense danger and will do their best to protect you.

    These dogs can be trainable if you work with them from an early age. Also, they will require a decent amount of physical activity every day to keep them in check.

    They have a short coat that won’t need any special maintenance, just a weekly brush, and they are good to go!

    7. Akita Dogo Argentino Mix

    akita dogo argentino mix
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    Let me tell you a little story about this dog’s protective nature.

    My friend from university (let’s say her name is Lucy) has a dog named Hatchi. Hatchi is an Akita Dogo Argentino Mix (her grandmother was Dogo Argentino; all other family members are Akitas).

    Hatchi and Lucy were very close; she fed him daily and played with him. He is a guard dog with a huge garden, which he considers his territory and their house. He does not let a single bird fly over his territory unnoticed. 

    Lucy went to university in another city, and because of this, she didn’t see Hatchi for seven months. Lucy comes back to her hometown for a small break, arriving in the evening hours. Hatchi goes out of his mind, firmly barking at her and not letting go of the fact that somebody is in his yard.

    Lucy did come close to him, telling him some obedience commands, which he didn’t listen to. When Lucy’s mother came by (who had been feeding him for the past few months), Hatchi relaxed and saw Lucy as not threatening. 

    Finally, when Lucy offered food to Hatchi, a memory kicked in, and he immediately reacted so gently and lively towards her, licking and running around her so intensely that he almost pushed her over.

    What is the moral of the story? These dogs will prioritize the safety of the hand that feeds them over everything else. Hatchi didn’t even think of playtime when Lucy arrived; his mind focused only on safety. And that’s what this mix is all about!

    8. Anatolian Shepherd Dogo Argentino Mix  

    dogo argentino anatolian shepherd
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    Tall, handsome, and always ready to show who the boss is to any squirrel passing by, this large mix is a great working dog with guardian and alert dog skills.

    Both of these dogs have working dog blood running through their veins, which means they will need some kind of daily tasks to keep their brains busy and entertained.

    Problem-solving is something that they are used to; therefore, if you won’t give any kind of tasks to this mixed breed, the least you could do is provide them with different interactive dog toys that could keep them occupied. 

    They need sufficient physical activity every day, therefore, you need to make sure that if this dog isn’t running all over a farm or a big ranch every day, to provide them with around two hours of tiring physical activity. 

    9. Boerboel Dogo Argentino Mix

    boerboel dogo argentino
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    Considered one of the largest and heaviest dogs, with a wide-framed head and body to follow, the Boerboel adds a lot of physical traits to the Dogo Argentino in this case, making them more muscly, wide, and corpulent. 

    But don’t let the size of this dog fool you – they are incredibly cuddly and loving towards the human part of their pack.

    For other beings that have a possible resemblance to cats, squirrels, or any other small animals of similar size – to keep them in control, you’ll need to start teaching and socializing them from an early age.

    These dogs look scary and are a great way to keep your property and house safe.

    10. Neapolitan Mastiff Dogo Argentino Mix

    neapolitan mastiff dogo argentino
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    Weighing from 110 to 160 pounds, this large and muscly dog has that look people often assume to be aggressive or dangerous.

    And yes, they might be dangerous if they sense their owner is in danger, but other than that, they are huge cuddle bears around their family members.

    I would advise doing DNA testing, since the Neapolitan Mastiff is prone to hip dysplasia, and because of the fact that these Mastiffs live an average of six to nine years. Therefore, checking for any possible health problem is a good thing to do.  

    The Neapolitan Mastiff has a jealous and needy side to its personality, so remember that you must be affectionate enough to this big-headed cutie!

    11. Boxer Dogo Argentino Mix  

    Boxer Dogo Argentino

    The clown-personality of this whole group, thanks to its Boxer parent’s traits, has entered the list. Say hello to this cute pooch!

    With its sleek appearance, this dog easily gains sympathy from anyone who encounters it. They have a happy attitude and would engage in playtime at any given moment.

    They are one of the best options for children, as the two (or more) of them will easily communicate, having playtime as their priorities. 

    Thanks to the Boxer parent, they can come in many colors and even in two or three-color combinations.

    12. Presa Canario  Dogo Argentino Mix

    Presa Canario Dogo Argentino

    One Spanish and one Italian parent – the mix is a spicy dog with a lot of personality!

    Presa Canario and Dogo Argentino were used as catch dogs, working dogs, and guard dogs in the past. Therefore, they would be the happiest if you presented them with a daily task they should be achieving. 

    There is no to little difference between the personality traits of these two dogs, making this fine animal consistent in its bloodline in many ways.

    But one thing that I would advise you regarding this dog breed is that if you are not ready to invest time and energy into training, it would be best to sign your pup up for puppy classes. Both of you would benefit from that.

    Also, forget about lazy afternoons. This dog has high energy levels, meaning they will need loads of daily activity. 

    13. Great Pyrenees Dogo Argentino Mix  

    dogo argentino great pyrenese
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    The first on the list (for now) with a longer coat, say hello to this wonderful mix!

    A bit bulkier and long-haired, the Pyrenees Dogo has a natural inclination toward herding activities. Both of the parents are working dogs, especially the Great Pyrenees, which were not just used in the past as herding dogs but are still some of the most famous herding dogs.

    They bond tightly with their family members and are good with other pets but are alert when around strangers or anything imposing danger. 

    It would be a pity if you tie this dog to an apartment because they are an outdoor type of dog that needs loads of activity daily. 

    14. German Shepherd Dogo Argentino Mix

    dogo argenitino german shepherd
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    One parent is the most versatile working dog, and the other is another working dog that may be a bit better with cattle and guarding services, making this mix one of the best GSD mixes for people who need a working dog of any kind.

    Good with cattle, intelligent enough to learn to do any task – this mix is a true best friend who isn’t lazy and would do anything for you.

    These pups might have longer hair and possibly back problems if they inherit the German Shepherd dog’s posture. It would be good to have official papers from the GSD parent, or at least vet papers and analysis showing that the dog is completely healthy. 

    Those problems aside, this dog is a wonderful family guard dog that is happy to be around. 

    15. Malinois Dogo Argentino Mix

    belgian malinois dogo argentino
    Due to the rarity of this mix, this image was generated by AI

    This mix is all about high exercise needs, energy levels over the roof, and little tolerance for small confined places (read: apartments).

    Dogo Malinois are dogs that I would not recommend for first-time owners since they need to be trained with a firm hand. They can be stubborn, and also, their energy levels can be directed to some unwanted paths if they are not socialized and trained from an early age.

    They are food motivated, so training them to use food as a reward for everything they do well is one of the best ways to teach them some basic obedience and tricks.

    Which One Of These Dogo Argentino Mixes Is The Best Pick For You?

    I am sure you were impressed after reading about these charming Dogo Argentino mixes. All of them are active, some are pet friendly, and some are so good with family and children that you can feel free to leave them alone by your newborn’s side.

    All of them will be great guard dogs that will pay extra attention to your personal safety and the safety of your family and/or property. 

    My favorites are the Cane Corso Dogo Argentino mix, the Argentino Boerboel mix, and the Argentino Pitbull Terrier Mix. Which are your favorites from this list? I’d love to hear from you!

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