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Male vs Female Basset Hound: Which One Is For You?

Male vs Female Basset Hound: Which One Is For You?

Congratulations! You decided to get yourself a Basset Hound!

Originating from France, this charming, lovable, laid-back breed is one of those that can do it both: Be an amazing companion dog suited for your family as well as being a skilled tracker for small prey! 

The next step is to decide on a male vs female Basset Hound and which one will suit your home better.

Basset Hounds are loving, patient, and well-tempered dogs that are great with children, which makes them fantastic additions to your family. 

Even though there are some differences between male and female Basset Hounds, you must take into consideration their individual traits and personalities, which can be much more important than gender. 

So, let’s dive into it to help you pick out the right puppy for your home!

Male vs Female Basset Hound Visual Differences 

Basset Hound

At first glance, there are not a lot of visual differences between male and female dogs of this breed. As with most other breeds, the males are a bit taller, stronger, and heavier than the females. 

Both male and female Basset Hounds are known for their characteristic short legs, strong stance, droopy face, elongated muzzle, and very long ears

Their coat is short and smooth and comes in different color combinations: black, red and white, lemon and white, black and white, as well as with several markings. 

As you can see, their coats can come in bi-color or tri-color as well as, in some cases, in solid colors. American Kennel Club (AKC) approves all coat colors except for gray, as it is a result of recessive genes.

Overall, there is hardly any visual difference between the genders of this breed. It is only noticeable when they are placed next to each other.

In their adulthood, male Basset Hounds reach an average height of 30 – 38 cm (12 – 15 in). A little bit shorter than them, females follow with an average height of 28 – 36 cm (11 – 14 in).

Regardless of their short build, they are pretty heavy! As previously mentioned, male Basset Hounds are larger than females and have more muscular build. 

While ladies weigh 20 – 29 kg (45 – 65 lb) on average, gentlemen reach around 25 – 34 kg ( 55 – 75 lbs).

You can check out the Basset Hound growth chart for more information.

Male Basset Hound – Distinguished Gentlemen

Basset Hound

Even though they are visually larger than females, males are more interested in their owners. You will quickly learn that there are no activities or family gatherings that don’t include these boys.


As puppies, these gentlemen are much clingier and more dependent than their lady counterparts. This makes them prone to separation anxiety behaviors.

Due to their dependency they tend to insert themselves in the more active parts of the house. They like to spend time with family members and prefer to be in the center of attention.

They are very playful and goofy which makes them great showmen and favored by children. If you are looking for a cuddle buddy – male Basset Hound is the perfect fit!

Once the puppy stage is over, these gentlemen become young adults where their excitement and mischievousness are at their highest. 

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    After a year and a half of puberty, they start to settle down and by the 3rd year they return to being those laid back angels they were as puppies.

    Even though male Basset Hounds are not quite territorial, if aggravated or challenged, they can become dominant and reactive. This behavior may be more expressed in intact males due to the hormonal changes. 

    It is believed that in the pack order Basset Hound males are usually omegas, always behind their female counterparts and their owners.


    Basset Hound

    When it comes to training these genuinely friendly and ecstatic dogs, certain problems may arise. 

    Male Basset Hounds are very trainable dogs, but their severe lack of focus makes their training quite complicated. Their attention span is very short so they require a lot of patience and applying different training approaches to get wanted results from them.

    It is usual that these gentlemen wander away chasing after a scent or something interesting that got their attention. After all, tracking is what they were bred for. Keep this in mind, and use a fenced area as a precaution!

    Making their training sessions more play-focused and creative, rather than standard training sessions, showed better results in their performance. They are food-driven, which can help in training, but be careful with those treats – these foodies are prone to obesity!

    Due to the nature of this breed, they do not respond well to the rough handling or corrections, they simply shut down. They respond to positive reinforcement such as praise, cuddles, gentle touch, and build-up of their confidence.

    If you choose a Basset Hound boy, keep in mind that their training requires a lot of time, dedication, and nerves of steel to teach them proper manners. You will need to be prepared for some challenges while potty and house training.

    With your love and patience, there is no doubt that these boys will overcome any issues they face, but only in their own time. 

    Health And Care

    As well as any big-eared dog breed, Basset Hounds are prone to ear infections. This is especially common with males due to the size of their ears. Make sure to clean their ears often, as they pick up a lot of dirt when sniffing around!

    Separation anxiety is a common issue with these gentlemen due to their dependency, so more often than not, their condition must be monitored and, in some severe cases, treated with medication.

    Overall, both genders are prone to developing certain health conditions, such as:

    Neutered male dogs have less chance of developing testicular cancer. It affects the dogs’ hormones, which make them calmer and prevent exhibiting any aggressive or territorial behavior. Keep this in mind – this is a big decision to make!

    Female Basset Hound – Boss Ladies

    Basset Hound

    Females are known for being more independent and acting like true bosses of the household. 

    Here’s what you can expect from your female Basset Hound.


    While their male counterparts are clingy, female Basset Hounds show their independence from the moment they are born! Most of them prefer to be alone rather than socialize, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see these ladies play.

    In their puppy stage they enjoy playing a boss and tend to show some dominant tendencies.

    While the Basset Hound is not a breed known for being used in protection work, due to the strong maternal instincts, females tend to be more protective of their family members than male Basset Hounds.

    They can be very snappy and stubborn and this makes their training in younger stages challenging. By the time they reach their maturity, they calm down and become more trainable and agreeable. Still, they keep their independence – They are real boss ladies!

    Displays of dominance and protectiveness may peak during a heat cycle, pregnancy or in the postpartum period. 

    On the other hand, lady Basset Hounds can be sweet and caring, especially when playing with children. They don’t have that many allergens in their saliva which makes them safe to be around even next to the smallest of your children.

    Fun fact: There have been multiple cases where lady Basset Hounds would adopt some other animals’ young and take care of them as if they were hers!


    Basset Hound

    Similarly to Basset Hound, gentlemen, these ladies will make you work for it! 

    Their training is a different kind of challenge, though. Due to their independence, they are much more prone to disobeying or ignoring their handler. They are absolutely uninterested in pleasing their owner!

    These ladies mature faster than males, and it gives them a bit more seriousness and a greater ability to focus. The trick is how to obtain it. Even though it is hard, once you get their focus, they will learn faster and better than expected from this breed. 

    Same as with boys, positive reinforcements do wonders in training these ladies!

    Health And Care

    As previously mentioned, both ladies and gentlemen share certain health issues that may occur. Similarly to males, females are also at risk for ear and eye infections, even though it is not as common as in males. 

    Ladies are more likely to develop joint dysplasia, heart problems, and clotting disorders.

    Unspayed Basset Hound female dogs are at risk for mammary cancer, ovarian cancer and pyometra, all of which can be fatal. These gender-related diseases can happen to any dog. Spaying the dog can eliminate or reduce the risk of these diseases.

    If you decide to breed your lady Basset Hound, keep in mind that, like most short and stocky breeds, there is an increased need for a C-section for the safe delivery of the new puppies.


    Basset Hound

    Basset Hounds are usually born in litters of 6 – 8 puppies, and regardless of gender, the average lifespan is 10 – 12 years. There are even some of them who, with proper care, reached an impressive age of 17 years old!


    Basset Hound

    Basset Hounds are fantastic dogs that are praised for their love of people and their patience. Male vs female Basset Hound is an old debate that has been going on for a long time. 

    All of these differences are not set in stone; there are always exceptions to the rules. These are simply generalized observations that were shown in practice overall.

    If you decide to purchase your Basset puppy, make sure you research and use only reputable breeders

    Whether you decide to get a female or male Basset Hound, you must be prepared for their individual character and their training needs

    With proper training, early socialization, and patience, you will be able to bring out different parts of your dog regardless of the gender. 

    The one thing is sure, male or female, Basset Hound will enrich and fulfill your life! Good luck!